Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indiana University

In 1978, I became a student at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana.  The way I ended up there was kind of random, and before I went, I barely even knew where Indiana was (you just don't learn much US geography when you live in Europe).  At first I was very homesick and I had all kinds of adjustments to make, as well as  experiencing unexpected culture shock.

However, by the time I'd been there about a semester I loved it - my classes, the people I was meeting, Inter Varsity meetings.  And in the fall of 1979, I met Terry and began dating him the following spring.  That was a very good thing that came out of my years in Bloomington.

I'm not sure, though, if I ever appreciated enough, while I was there, what a beautiful college campus Indiana University is.  Last weekend, Terry and I went back for a visit.  It has been at least ten years (probably more) since we were there.  We drove down in a (for them unseasonable) snowstorm, which made for potentially treacherous travel, but it also made everything look so pretty...

This is the view from our bedroom.  We stayed in the Biddle Hotel, which is part of the Student Union...

This was taken during our walk across campus.

Lindley Hall, where the Linguistics Department is housed:

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Trojan Horse.  It's amazing to me that it's still there!  And no one makes a Gyros that is as good as theirs.  I've looked.


We also did some driving in Brown County and checked out the State Park there as a possible location for a future Extended Family vacation spot.  It is so beautiful!  If you ever had the impression that Indiana is a boring state, you need to visit this area.

We visited with friends near Indianapolis, enjoying good food and conversation and church with them on Sunday.  I love friendships that have endured for a long time because even when you don't see each other often, it feels like you just pick up where you left off last time!

Oh, and I found a couple of great Depression Glass items and a book.  Successful weekend!!


  1. How fun that you got to go back to your alma mater.
    Brown County State Park has been a destination for family reunions for my dad and his 20-some cousins since I was a little girl - GREAT places for a family meeting!

  2. What good memories! Steve and I love the Trojan Horse, too. We haven't been to Bloomington for years. I remember when you and Terry got engaged (I was a lowly freshman with culture shock of my own), and how glad I was when you started working at the BSU.


Home, sweet home

Home, sweet home