Monday, February 8, 2010

Makeover, Part 2

Progress on our bedroom project is slow, but it is happening.  We've finished painting all the woodwork in the bedroom and have almost finished inside the closet.  I have completed most of the wallpaper in the room, and we have had an electrician come to put in two more outlets (there were only 2).  Some time in the next few days, I expect to receive a phone call from the nice carpet-installation people, and we will make an appointment for them to put in our lovely new carpet.

In 2001, Terry and I went on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate out 20th anniversary.  We went to as many ancient sites as we possibly could, and at one of them, we saw the ruins of a Roman villa.  Many mosaic floors were still in fairly good condition and some of them were quite intricate and beautiful.  Our favorite had some writing in it which said, "This house is not built of wood and stone but on Jesus Christ".  It was amazing to stand there and think that the people who lived there so many years ago were fellow-believers!

Some time after we were there, we were re-wallpapering a room in our house.  We had, on occasion, when removing wallpaper, found things written on the walls, usually notes about lengths of walls or locations of studs.  Remembering the Roman villa, we decided to write something more significant, and we wrote a similar statement plus a Scripture verse on the wall of that room before putting up the wallpaper.

I did the same thing in our bedroom.  It's hard to read in the picture, but it's some verses from Psalm 16, which is one of my very favorite psalms.

"I will bless the Lord who has counseled me;
Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.
I have set the Lord continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices;
My flesh also will dwell securely.
For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol;
Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay.
You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever."
Psalm 16:7-11

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