Friday, January 15, 2010

Home School Mom, 1; Telemarketer, 0.

Today I got a phone call from a telemarketer.

I know, that's not so unusual.  I used to get loads of them.  But since I begged Terry to get caller-ID, I haven't actually spoken to one in a long, long time.

Lately, however, every now and then I get calls that my caller-ID lists as "unknown name" and it turns out to be someone I actually know and to whom I'd like to speak, so today when I got one of those calls, I did answer the phone. 

I had a moment of panic when the person on the other end asked for "the father or mother of Jacob Dehart".  Somehow, those words just do not inspire Happy Thoughts!  I told him I am Jacob's mother, and within seconds I knew I'd made a mistake, as he identified himself as working for a company that sells ACT/SAT study materials.  This is how the conversation went:

Mr. ACT - Jacob has requested study materials for the SAT/ACT and I just want to confirm some details with you before we send them to you.

Me - Wait, he requested WHAT? (because I'm thinking, on what planet would my son ever request such a thing? certainly not this one).

Mr. A - Study materials for the ACT/SAT.

Me - When did he do this? 

Mr. A - Well, it could have been when he took the PSAT (he didn't take it), or possibly on-line.

Me - Hey, Jacob, did you request study materials for the ACT/SAT?

Jacob - No.

Me, to Mr. A - Jacob says he didn't request anything and I'm not interested.  Besides, we already have an ACT study guide. (this is the truth)

Mr. A - Oh, ah...okay.

I've NEVER had a sales call that deflated in such a hurry.

I should mention that this call came around 2 in the afternoon, which makes me wonder if this company makes a habit of calling poor hapless, disconnected parents while their teens are at school, and convincing them that their kids really want this material.  

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