Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, That Was Convicting

In his Sunday morning message, our pastor talked about the importance of knowing what is in the Word and mentioned that the average reader can read through the whole Bible in a year by spending only fourteen minutes a day reading.

In the evening, we heard about people in Uganda WALKING for two hours to get to a Bible Study and putting on their best clothes because it is such a major, important event to them.  If someone there buys a Bible, it means he will not have money to eat the next day.  Many people can only hear the Word by hearing it read out loud.  

Meanwhile, here in North America, we wonder how to fit in five or fifteen or thirty minutes of Bible reading/study, when we waste countless minutes and hours in far less worthy pursuits, and often have multiple Bibles in our homes or easy access to them in stores or on-line.

I am happy that I live in a trouble-free country, but there are times when I can really see why the Church grows more and is stronger in less privileged areas.  I've grown to love the Word dearly, over the years, and treasure my time reading and studying it each day, but I was still struck by the images of people willing to make such a priority of something I pretty much take for granted.

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Home, sweet home

Home, sweet home